The raising sun axe and its decline.
                                                   This is a summary of the research of mr. Jannik Vemmer from Denmark.
The scandinavian rock carvings named helleristninger represent an illustrated mythological calendar (the ships) and its creation story about the 2 giants (the earth and the sun) running the year. Seen in the stone pictures is also the man and the earth goddess together with the holy plant and the domestic and wild animals. 
The carvings are around 3000 years old and was not generally translated before now

In christian time much later the 2 giants transforms into (saints and) the 2 devils often seen in renaisance decorations in danish churches. Last traces of the rite found in 1800years

 <The season of the sun giant        <Tufte Norway

   The translation of the rite is too the explanation of the mystery of the bog man. He is the victim of the earth- or the later sun rite. The first rite and the year start is the string in which the earth giant hang someone to praise the rising sun in the spring. After the first week two weeks do follow with a double rite involving people running as seasons for the heaven and the earth. The leg wounds often seen amongst the bog people are mostly related to this rite and are coursed by the sergeant-priest acting as the earth giant in the two rallies with each 4 runners acting as the 4 times/seasons of the year, spring, summer, autum and winter as in many ships. The third rite held between the week of man and the week of the tall domestic animals just before and are involving a magic dance around the pot of rebirth, after which one person have the thoat all cut. We find too that the Gravballe bog man shows a wound alike and the Tollund man have been hanged which can be seen as in accordance with the mythological story in the petroglyphs.

The shown ships above are red from left to right and shows time from 2-3 weeks into spring start and  until sunstice.
The sun stick in the ships are representing the weeks of man. In these ships the animal like figure in the end of the ships are two weeks worshipping weeks for reviving the power of earth and hail the weekening of the sun leading to harwest and birth of man and animal.

last ship below from South Sweden is the holy time of fertilizing and reviving the life in spring.
The pot of life showed by the O and the (red) spot. The calendar shows 52 weeks and the small boat are probably the 365th day necessary to fulfill the year.
Attributes like the cross, the body and flesh etc. are shown here to be pre christian symbols adapted by chistianity later.